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Galco Properties is a professional real estate solutions company that is proud to serve the people of Houston, Galveston and the surrounding areas. We buy houses and commercial property in any condition (meaning pretty and ugly houses!) and pay cash. Our quick and professional service will give you our best offer for your property and can close within three to seven days. With many years in local real estate, our team is knowledgeable of the challenges you face when wanting to sell your property and we can help make the process simple and hassle-free.

Example Deals We Have Done

Galco SF Houston copy

Single-Family Home in South Houston

Purchased from Galco: $50,000

Repair Costs: $19,500

Rents: $950/mo

Estimated Current Value: $95,000

TC duplex after copy

2-Story Duplex in Texas City

Purchased from Galco: $57,500

Repair Costs: $12,500

Rents: $1,400/mo

Estimated Current Value: $98,000

Meet the Team

Roberts headshot

Robert Hernandez

Acquisitions Manager

Robert Hernandez has a proud history in local businesses, having started Rojo Enterprises, which grew quickly performing electrical contracts for new construction projects. Robert has worked full-time in real estate for Galco Properties since 2013, and in that time has become skilled in the local real estate market and the needs of people looking to sell their home.

alexis b


Tom Berry


Tom Berry started his real estate career in 2007. With over 24 years in sales and management, with 10 of those being in financial services, Tom and his wife Melissa started their real estate business as a flipping and wholesaling company. Since then, they have accumulated a portfolio of over 400 houses and apartment units as well as several other commercial rental properties. Tom is the owner and manager of many companies that provide real estate investor services, to include property management, networking and education and wholesaling.

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